Cauldron is scaling the technology which will make precision fermentation one of the most important production methods in the world of tomorrow.


A new way to produce

The world’s population is expected to reach 10 billion people by 2080. The
production methods used today put unsustainable pressure on our planet’s natural resources and climate. Changing the way we manufacture products is a necessity if we want to build a world future generations will be able to enjoy.

has CHANGED the rules

Biotechnology has made considerable progress over the last two decades. Micro-organisms (such as yeast, filamentous fungi and bacteria) can be reprogrammed and used as cell factories to generate the molecules our society relies on. Precision fermentation provides a more sustainable way to produce some of the food, materials, chemicals and fuels we need, less reliant on fossil fuels and animal farming.

However, barriers are to be addressed to make precision fermentation a viable production method with applications in a wide range of sectors

High production costs

Fermented products are often too expensive to manufacture compared to legacy products coming from the chemical and farming industries.

High capital requirements

Fermentation is typically done by batch which takes several days to complete, as a result producing meaningful volumes requires large bioreactors and considerable amounts of capital.

Challenging path to scale

Product developers face a gap between lab-scale product development and commercial-scale production, this gap is often too wide for capital-constrained companies to bridge.

our technology

Over the last three decades, we have developed proprietary media and innovative bio-reactor configurations which enable us to run our fermentation process continuously, instead of following a standard batch process.

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Cauldron’s hyper fermentation technology offers substantial advantages:

Advantage 01


We are able to produce significantly more output as we generate a lot more biomass per hour.

Advantage 02

Cost of goods

Because we don’t need to operate very large fermenters, we are able to reduce both variable costs (electricity, 
water consumption) and fixed costs 
(labour, maintenance, depreciation).variable costs and fixed costs.

Variable costs (electricity, 
water consumption) and fixed costs 
(labour, maintenance, depreciation)

Advantage 03

Capital efficiency

Gains in productivity lead to significantly higher production per dollar of Capex.
dollar of Capex.

Our services

We offer a seamless path from lab-scale to commercial scale production.

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Get started with technology transfer and evaluation of technical fit.


Transition to 10kL scale to validate the economic benefits of our technology applied to your specific micro-organism.


Move to commercial-scale production with fermentation lines built and operated by Cauldron.

OUR Investors

At Cauldron, we're honoured to have leading venture firms investing in our technology, shaping the future of bio-manufacturing.

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