Unlocking exponential food, feed and fibre production

Cauldron is sustainably delivering the precision fermented prototypes of today to the markets of tomorrow.

The future is fermented

The world needs a new way to produce. Although the population growth rate is declining, the planet will reach 10 billion people by 2080*. Alongside increasing demand for quality food, feed and fibre, production will fall well short if methods don’t change.

Fermentation is the solution. Australia has the unique capability and natural resources to become a pioneer in the burgeoning precision fermentation industry. The process of “Fermafacturing”, not farming, will unlock the future of global production at scale. And Cauldron holds the keys.

* United Nations 2022
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A start-up based in Orange, NSW, that promises to let scientists create the raw ingredients needed to make new forms of food and materials, is being hailed as a potential regional giant of the future by the CSIRO's venture capital arm, after it led a $10.5 million funding round.

Mackay BioFutures hub partners with Cauldron to turn sugar into proteins

A Queensland BioHub project looks set to turn traditional cane farming on its head as part of a $300 million project to tap into a worldwide industry expected to be worth $700 billion by 2040.

the means of production

Industrial fermentation

Cauldron’s unique bio-acceleration process exponentially scales-up any precision fermented prototype to commercial quantities faster and with a lower cost-of-goods than any traditional production method.

Increased resilience

Fermafacturing minimises risk associated with unpredictable climate events, animal/crop disease, product contamination and supply chain issues.

Small footprint

Brewed in giant fermentation tanks (like your favourite brewery), fermafacturing delivers commercial quantities of food, feed or fibre using only a fraction of the land and water.

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