Our technology

Our technology makes the production of commodity goods
via precision fermentation commercially viable.

Our technology offers a groundbreaking solution that allows for the rapid scale-up of precision fermented prototypes to commercial quantities. With our innovative process, we can accelerate production and reduce costs, fast tracking the path to price parity.

Cauldron hyper fermentation technology​

After three decades of research, our team of scientists have solved the two key challenges which have historically prevented continuous fermentation from becoming mainstream. The challenges are:

Key Challenges
Genetic drift

The genetic make-up of the micro-organism population changes over time which affects production of the target product.

Unwanted contamination

Unwanted micro-organisms tend to infiltrate and grow in the ferment.

Our solutions
Proprietary media​

Our scientists have developed a list of proprietary media to enable the growth of the most common micro-organisms used in precision fermentation. ​

Bio-reactor configuration

We have modified the configuration of bio-reactors to ensure continuous fermentation can be sustained over long periods of time (multiple weeks).

The advantages

At Cauldron, our technology offers substantial advantages.

Higher productivity​

Our fermentation process produces biomass continuously which reduces the lead times typically required for biomass production in batch fermentation processes. For a given fermenter size, our process generates 7-15 times more biomass per day than a standard batch fermentation process.​

Lower cost
of goods​

Higher productivity enables significant reduction in cost of goods. Our process does not require as much electricity and water as batch fermentation. Fixed costs are also significantly reduced by lower labour and capital requirements.​

capital efficiency​

Batch fermentation requires very large fermenters (300-500kL vessels) to deliver acceptable cost of goods, these large installations necessitate large capital deployment.

With higher productivity comes better capital utilisation: our process delivers a lot more product per dollar of Capex, reducing the need for large capital investment to deliver price-competitive products.